Abdus Salam: A Story of Physics, Faith, and Nationality

The Nobel laureate who remains unknown in his country and has been forgotten by many.

Promiti Mitra and Vagisha Bhatia

Oct 09, 2022 Read more →

From Riches to Rags: The Unknown History of Safety Pin

In our deep philosophical musings of existential crisis or dealing with imposter syndrome, we fail to appreciate the daily mundanity of life and th...

Muskan Garg

Aug 21, 2022 Read more →

Zoning Out on the Deck: Ships and Submarines

Diving deep into some fundamental questions that we all have regarding ships and submarines. Get your lifeboats ready, it is a bumpy ride!

Aditya Krishna and Atotmyr

May 08, 2022 Read more →

Ship Shape? Aye Aye!

Let’s take a small trip from ancient Babylon to modern Mumbai and on the way learn a small part of history of ships and their innovations!

Neil Khopkar and Vagisha Bhatia.

May 03, 2022 Read more →

Wunderjahr — The Year That Redefined Physics!

The year 1905 saw four papers being published by a patent clerk named (take a guess!) Albert Einstein and since then the world hasn’t been the sa...

Atotmyr and Vagisha Bhatia

Apr 26, 2022 Read more →

Rated S for Science: Arrival

Presenting the sublime beauty of the movie Arrival and its genre-redefining Sci-Fiction story.

Atotmyr and Vagisha Bhatia

Apr 19, 2022 Read more →

Does humanity have a plan if we get a call from outer space?

There are some questions that keep you up at night and then there are ones, which make you question the entirety of human existence. Let’s take a...

Atotmyr and Vagisha Bhatia

Mar 27, 2022 Read more →

Message From The Other World

From a galaxy far far away, a message arrives. What does it say? What does it mean?

Atotmyr and unexpected-patronus

Mar 05, 2022 Read more →

Genesis — A Short Guide to Zeroing In

Chronicling the journey of how a few young researchers built the first-ever student-run science podcast in India.

Atotmyr and Vagisha Bhatia

Feb 20, 2022 Read more →