Join Us!

We are opening a call out for working as a part of and shaping Zeroing In for the upcoming Season 05 and the blog – on all ideas science and beyond. The call for applications is open from June 12 up to July 01 midnight, 2023.
To apply, you can send your CV/Portfolio with a brief letter of motivation to zeroingin.outreach@gmail.com or alternatively, you can fill-up the following form.

We are offering ZI Creatorships and ZI Fellowships spanning flexible periods within 4 - 6 months (typically 5-7 h/week), involving varied forms of possible engagements and involvement with one of our projects.
The work roles span multiple disciplines from (the non-conventional analogues of) that of researchers, writers, designers, illustrators, media editors, marketing managers, orators and podcast hosts. You will be working in a team of 6 to 9 passionate individuals, spanning various disciplines and expertise, on shaping a complete Season’s activities and initiatives with Zeroing In, with the resources, established structure, core team and advisory body of the organisation, around when needed.

This call goes out to all science enthusiasts, nerds & artists; lifelong students – whose curiosity to experience this world deeply, through their lenses of arts, history, philosophy, journalism, engineering, fundamental sciences, oration, music, writing, drawing, designing, or any other transmutable form of expressions of science!